Bilsom 303L vs Hearos Xtreme Protection Series - Comparison


The Hearos Xtreme Protection Series is a stronger earplug than the Bilsom 303L. Please have a look at the decibel comparison chart below. More decibel means stronger sound protection.

The individual reviews of each earplug are available here:
Bilsom 303L

Hearos Xtreme Protection Series


Bilsom 303LHearos Xtreme Protection Series
Brand:Howard LeightHearos


Bilsom 303L
Bilsom 303L picture

Hearos Xtreme Protection Series
Hearos Xtreme Protection Series picture of packagingHearos Xtreme Protection Series picture

Attenuation (US Standard)

Attenuation according to measurment standard ANSI S3.19-1974

More decibel (dB) means more sound protection. More hertz (Hz) means a higher pitch sound.

Bilsom 303L vs Hearos Xtreme Protection Series attenuation decibel (db) comparison chart (graph)

Overall rating
Bilsom 303LHearos Xtreme Protection SeriesDifference
Attenuation by frequency
Bilsom 303L: dB34.4035.0036.2035.9036.4038.9039.8042.6043.00
Hearos Xtreme Protection Series: dB38.4040.3043.2041.8038.6045.0045.7049.6047.30
Difference: dB-4.00-5.30-7.00-5.90-2.20-6.10-5.90-7.00-4.30
Bilsom 303L: SD3.404.203.803.002.903.
Hearos Xtreme Protection Series: SD4.804.805.004.002.603.303.304.003.50
Difference: SD-1.40-0.60-1.20-1.000.30-0.30-
Bilsom 303L: dB less SD31.0030.8032.4032.9033.5035.9036.6038.4038.90
Hearos Xtreme Protection Series: dB less SD33.6035.5038.2037.8036.0041.7042.4045.6043.80
Difference: dB less SD-2.60-4.70-5.80-4.90-2.50-5.80-5.80-7.20-4.90

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