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ER25 Etymotic Research. Picture 2 earplugs The Etymotic Research ER25 are custom made earplugs. They provide very good sound quality. It is just like a volume knob turned down a bit - the earplugs are really that good. The earplugs are custom molded and the filters can be exchanged. There are 3 filters available: 9dB, 15dB, and 25dB. The ER25 filter is the strongest filter with approximately 25db attenuation at all frequencies.

Wearing the ER25 earplugs and assuming a quiet environment, it is possible to talk with other people without anyone raising their voice, but the people have to speak directly towards you. This compares to the ER15 filter, where it is still easily possible to understand people, even if they do not talk directly towards you.

The sound quality of the ER15 is slightly better than with the ER25.

The ER25 filter should offer enough protection for almost any concert. The ER15 will get to its limit in loud concerts.

The ER9 is a special filter for classical concert musicians that play an instrument and not for someone listening to music.

Depending on where in the world you live, another company will do the custom molding. Companies that sell earplugs with the ER filters (ER9, ER15, ER25) are Elacin, ACS, and maybe others.



These are the best earplugs available for hearing music. No other earplugs provide such a good sound quality. If you are a professional, like a musician or DJ, then they are the best choice.


The ER earplugs should not get into contact with water. Else, when the water evaporates, it may leave back minerals or other materials that clog the filters.


The silicone with the contained filters will usually be placed in the outer ears. As such, these earplugs will be noticeable to someone looking at a person's ear. The silicone is available in transparent and the filters in white, which is less visible than some other coloring choices. A well inserted foam earplug with the right coloring is less visible than these earplugs.


The earplugs are almost not felt when worn. This is because they fit perfectly to the ear and provide almost no pressure in the ear canal or elsewhere in the ear.


The filters have a given size. They are placed custom molded silicone that can be made to fit any ear size.


The silicone and the filters are each available in different colors. The silicone is available in transparent, red, blue, black, and yellow.


They last for several years. After some years the ear shape might have changed requiring new plugs.


They cost around 200 to 300 USD for a pair.

Comparisons of this earplug with other earplugs are available here.


Brand:Etymotic Research


ER25 Etymotic Research. Picture 2 earplugs ear wearing  Etymotic ResearchER25, side view ear wearing  Etymotic ResearchER25, side angle view


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