ER15, Etymotic Research


ER15 Etymotic Research. Picture 1 earplug

The Etymotic Research ER15 earplug is one of the three professional musician's filters of Etymotic Research: ER9, ER15, and ER25.

The ER9 is a special filter for musicians that play classical instruments.

The ER15 is the top product with the best sound quality for listening to music. It is just like the volume know turned down a bit. When wearing them, it is still possible to talk to other people without the other having to raise his or her voice.

The ER25 is stronger version of the ER15. It provides an almost as good sound quality. It provides enough protection for attending most concerts.

The ER15 is a custom made earplug. Please read our review of the ER25, as it is very similar to the ER15, but our review of the ER25 is more thorough.


Brand:Etymotic Research


ER15 Etymotic Research. Picture 1 earplug ear wearing  Etymotic ResearchER15, side view ear wearing  Etymotic ResearchER15, side angle view


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