Bilsom 303S vs Mack's Ultra Soft - Comparison


The Mack's Ultra Soft is a stronger earplug than the Bilsom 303S. Please have a look at the decibel comparison chart below. More decibel means stronger sound protection.

The individual reviews of each earplug are available here:
Bilsom 303S

Mack's Ultra Soft


Bilsom 303SMack's Ultra Soft
Brand:Howard LeightMack's


Bilsom 303S
Bilsom 303S picture of packagingBilsom 303S picture ear wearing , side view

Mack's Ultra Soft
Mack's Ultra Soft picture of packagingMack's Ultra Soft picture ear wearing , side view ear wearing , side angle view

Attenuation (US Standard)

Attenuation according to measurment standard ANSI S3.19-1974

More decibel (dB) means more sound protection. More hertz (Hz) means a higher pitch sound.

Bilsom 303S vs Mack's Ultra Soft attenuation decibel (db) comparison chart (graph)

Overall rating
Bilsom 303SMack's Ultra SoftDifference
Attenuation by frequency
Bilsom 303S: dB34.4035.0036.2035.9036.4038.9039.8042.6043.00
Mack's Ultra Soft: dB35.6037.7041.1039.5038.5043.5044.5048.1047.20
Difference: dB-1.20-2.70-4.90-3.60-2.10-4.60-4.70-5.50-4.20
Bilsom 303S: SD3.404.203.803.002.903.
Mack's Ultra Soft: SD4.904.504.403.702.702.804.004.303.70
Difference: SD-1.50-0.30-0.60-0.700.200.20-0.80-0.100.40
Bilsom 303S: dB less SD31.0030.8032.4032.9033.5035.9036.6038.4038.90
Mack's Ultra Soft: dB less SD30.7033.2036.7035.8035.8040.7040.5043.8043.50
Difference: dB less SD0.30-2.40-4.30-2.90-2.30-4.80-3.90-5.40-4.60

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