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Mack's Ultra Soft Mack's. Picture 2 earplugsDecibel Chart Mack's Ultra Soft Mack's Ultra Soft earplugs are foam earplugs.


The Mack's Ultra Soft earplugs feel soft on the skin and comfortable in the ear.


The earplugs are a good choice for sleeping, because they are comfortable and provide high protection. If the pressure against the ear canal feels uncomfortable then alternatives should be considered. One alternative are silicone earplugs such as the Mack's Pillow Soft that feel more comfortable, because they do not make any pressure. Another alternative are custom made sleeping earplugs that are fitted to the individual ear and provide no pressure at all.


The Mack's Ultra Soft earplugs are strong earplugs and should provide sufficient protection for any loud concert. But there are earplugs with similar strong sound protection and better sound quality available such as the Bilsom 303S, which has a more flat and better attenuation profile. Because Mack's Ultra Soft earplugs are strong earplugs, they might be felt to be too strong for listening to music that is not very loud. In this case alternatives such as the ER20XS could be considered. If sound quality is really important, then the best choice are the custom made ER15 or ER25 earplugs, but they are much more expensive. Have a look at our article on listening to music.


The Mack's Ultra Soft earplugs are strong earplugs at all frequencies. This is good. But the Hearos Ultimate Softness or Xtreme Protection provide slightly more protection. In addition, earmuffs might be worn.


The earplugs are not usable for swimming, because they are made from foam. Use the Mack's Pillow Soft instead.


These earplugs are comfortable to wear and provide high noise protection. For more comfort, custom fitted earplugs could be considered.


The earplugs are available in skin toned color which helps to hide them.


Polyurethane foam


The manufacturer, McKeon Products, is a company located in the USA. The earplugs are most easily available in the USA.

Comparisons of this earplug with other earplugs are available here.


Name:Mack's Ultra Soft

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Mack's Ultra Soft Mack's. PackagingMack's Ultra Soft Mack's. Picture 2 earplugs ear wearing  Mack'sMack's Ultra Soft, side view ear wearing  Mack'sMack's Ultra Soft, side angle view

Attenuation (US Standard)

Attenuation according to measurement standard ANSI S3.19-1974

More decibel (dB) means more sound protection. More hertz (Hz) means a higher pitch sound.

Mack's Ultra Soft Mack's, attenuation decibel (db) chart, ANSI S3.19-1974

Overall rating
StandardANSI S3.19-1974
Attenuation by frequency
dB less SD30.7033.2036.7035.8035.8040.7040.5043.8043.50

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