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Ohropax Soft Ohropax. Picture 2 earplugsDecibel Chart Ohropax Soft The Ohropax Soft earplugs provide strong attenuation. For this reason, they are a good choice for sleeping. An alternative are the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series, which are somewhat softer.


The Orhopax Soft are a good choice for sleeping. They provide high sound protection. However, the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series foam earplugs are slightly stronger and also slightly softer and are an even better choice. Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping with foam earplugs. Some people get distracted by feeling and hearing their heart beat in the ear when trying to sleep with plugs. If you are one of them, then you can try earmuffs or more expensive custom molded sleeping earplugs.


The Ohropax Soft have a high attenuation ranging from 32.50dB at 250Hz up to 41.20dB at 8000Hz. They provide sufficient protection for loud concerts. But the protection might be too strong if the concert is not really loud. For such not so loud concerts, reusable earplugs might be a better choice such as the Alpine PartyPlugs. The best choice considering sound quality are the ER15 or ER25 ear plugs, but they are much more expensive. Also have a look at our article on listening to music.


Ohropax soft provide strong sound protection. But the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series foam earplugs provide even more sound protection. Maybe you also want to use earmuffs in addition to whatever foam earplugs you use.


The Ohropax Soft earplugs are foam earplugs. As such they are not usable for swimming. For swimming, wax or silicone earplugs should be used.


The Ohropax Soft have a high sound reduction. This is sufficient ear protection for a motorcycling. At the same time a driver should be able to hear traffic horns or other important noise. Try it yourself, whether these earplugs are right for you or whether they are too strong.


The Ohropax Soft are a good choice for traveling.


The Ohropax Soft are visible when worn. Their melon color makes them visible.


Ohropax Soft must be compressed hard before inserting them. Once inserted, they provide a tight seal. The Hearos Ultimate Softness earplugs are softer than the Ohropax Soft.


They are available in one size.


They are available in one color best described as a mix of melon and skin color.


Ohropax is a German company. The Ohropax Soft earplugs are most easily available in Europe.

Comparisons of this earplug with other earplugs are available here.


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Ohropax Soft Ohropax. PackagingOhropax Soft Ohropax. Picture 2 earplugs


Attenuation according to measurement standard EN 352-2:1993

More decibel (dB) means more sound protection. More hertz (Hz) means a higher pitch sound.

Ohropax Soft Ohropax, attenuation decibel (db) chart, EN 352-2:1993

Overall rating
StandardEN 352-2:1993
Attenuation by frequency
dB less SD28.0027.9028.7028.1028.7036.1037.50

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