E-A-R Classic, 3M


E-A-R Classic 3M. Picture 2 earplugsDecibel Chart E-A-R Classic The 3M E-A-R Classic earplugs have been sold since many decades. 3M claims it to be the first foam earplug ever introduced around 1967.

In addition to the E-A-R Classic, 3M also sells the E-A-R Classic II earplugs.


The E-A-R classic earplugs are not a good choice for listening to music. Their attenuation curve is not flat with 22.30dB sound reduction at 63Hz up to 41.60dB at 4000Hz. This difference in sound reduction of 22.30dB and 41.60dB can be heard as muffled sound resulting in low sound quality. The Bilsom 303S foam earplug is a much better choice. Also have a look at our article on listening to music.

Ease of Use

To compress the earplugs, much more pressure must be applied than with other earplugs such as the Bilsom 303S, Hearos Ultimate Softness Series, etc.


The earplugs can certainly be used for sleeping, but there are more comfortable choices available, such as the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series.


There are stronger earplugs available that provide better protection, such as the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series, Bilsom 303S, Laser Lite, etc.


The 3M E-A-R Classic earplugs are rather stiff. The earplugs have a cylindrical shape. This makes them less comfortable than other earplugs with a rounded end that goes into the ear first. In addition one end of the Classic earplug is harder. If the softer end is inserted into the ear first, then it is a bit more comfortable.


Polymer foam


The E-A-R Classic is available in one standard size. 3M also sells the E-A-R Classic Small and the larger E-A-R Superfit 36 earplugs.


The earplugs are yellow.


The earplugs are easily available worldwide.


The price is below 1 USD for a pair.

Comparisons of this earplug with other earplugs are available here.


Name:E-A-R Classic

Where to Buy


E-A-R Classic 3M. PackagingE-A-R Classic 3M. Picture 2 earplugs ear wearing  3ME-A-R Classic, side view ear wearing  3ME-A-R Classic, side angle view


Attenuation according to measurement standard EN 352-2:1993

More decibel (dB) means more sound protection. More hertz (Hz) means a higher pitch sound.

E-A-R Classic 3M, attenuation decibel (db) chart, EN 352-2:1993

Overall rating
StandardEN 352-2:1993
Attenuation by frequency
dB less SD16.9018.0021.0021.5022.6031.0038.1034.00

Source: 3M. 3M E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs - Attenuation. Retrieved from http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_EU/PPE_SafetySolutions_EU/Safety/FeaturedProducts/EAR_Classic/ on 2016-12-18


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