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ETY Plugs Etymotic Research. Picture 2 earplugs The ETY plugs are produced by Etymotic Research (ER). They offer medium protection and a good sound quality at a reasonable price. Etymotic Research (ER) also sells the ER20XS earplugs that are similar with a shorter stem that makes them less visible. In addition, ER also sells the top of the line ER15 and ER25 earplugs.


The ETY plugs have a good sound quality for listening to music. They provide medium protection. If the music is really loud, then stronger earplugs should be worn. Foam earplugs such as the Bilsom 303S are stronger, but their sound quality is not so good. If one needs the stronger protection but also wants to have a good sound quality, then the ER25 is an option. The ER25 offers more protection and excellent sound quality, but costs much more. Also have a look at our article on listening to music.


The ETY plugs are partially made out of hard plastic that sticks out of the ear. This makes them unsuited for sleeping.


The earplugs are too weak for shooting. It is strongly advisable to use stronger earplugs, such as the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series or similar.


These earplugs are not useable for swimming.


The stem of the earplugs is not something suited to be worn under a helmet.


The ETY plugs have a stem that sticks out of the ear. Etymotic Research also produces the ER20XS, which is less visible due to its shorter stem.


The earplugs feel okay to be worn. There are more comfortable earplugs available. Soft foam earplugs are more comfortable or custom molded earplugs such as the ER25 also feel more comfortable.


The earplug is made up of the sound reduction device and an eartip. The eartip can be exchanged and is available in two sizes (standard/large).


There are various combinations of colors available.


The earplugs last a few months.


The price is somewhat below 15 USD.

Comparisons of this earplug with other earplugs are available here.


Name:ETY Plugs
Brand:Etymotic Research

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